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Saturday, October 04, 2003

Check out my new yoyo

One of things I've been getting back into is yoyoing. For my birthday, my wife bought me astro-jax which I can't wait to have sometime (not at work) to play with them. Well, in my frustration, I took a couple of yoyos to work (I don't fear hitting someone in the head with them) because I'm better with them. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed playing with yoyos! Anyway, I've been buying yoyos and playing with them and doing tricks again. It's a great thing to do while discussing design and just thinking about a problem. It's weird, they are like mind amps for me. The rhythm and just zoning of it let's me think deeper. Weird, huh? But, I digress. I decided to buy myself an aluminum yoyo. Now, these puppies are usually very expensive! But, I found one for $15 and let me tell you it's the cat's meow! I love it! It sleeps forever! I also got some wooden yoyos that are like a dream too, but the aluminum is just SICK! Check it out here and check it out the wooden ones here. Pretty cool, huh?


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