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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Scripting Workspace

I just released the first version of a new project I call the "Scripting Workspace". It's nothing to shout at right now. In fact, it's very simple. But, before I left for Camp Smalltalk, I read about people disregarding Smalltalk because you can't do things in the workspace that you can do in other scripting languages. I thought we needed to provide a bridge for these people. The reason being if they could do what they normally do in other scripting languages, they could see past the workspace and use the full environment. I've found this code to be nice to begin class construction and then move once workspace code got too big. Anyway, it's a little tool that I thought others might like and it's to make people used to JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Perl, etc more comfortable in our world when they are beginning.

It's available on SqueakMap. ENJOY!


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