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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Shock And Awe Squeaking In Omaha

All I can say about Steve Wessels's demo on Squeak tonight is "Wow". A tour de force of what you can do in Squeak. I got to see a lot of it before he gave it and I helped a little bit (Steve did all of the work). I think we all decided that after 4 hours of intense Squeak presenting (remember this carried over from the last meeting) that we now need to give more in-depth presentations on various parts that Steve presented. So, it looks like we have a lot to discuss this summer! SQUEAK ON!

  • How familar was the audience with Smalltalk? What sort of things were the audience most interested in? I've been interested in putting together a demo, and I would love get more details about this one went.

    wilkesjoiner at gmail

    By Wilkes Joiner, at 7:52 AM   

  • It was an audience of very experienced Smalltalkers. Steve gave out a DVD with the demo. Contact him at

    By Alan Wostenberg, at 6:22 PM   

  • Hey Blaine,

    It sure would be cool for someone to video the Squeak Demo that you all had. All 4 hours. If you guys could do that, I'll take it and edit it on my Mac to create a squeak demo movie that we can post and mirror all over.


    By Sam Griffith Jr., at 12:19 AM   

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