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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Smalltalk Shop

Alright, who didn't tell me about the Smalltalk Shop? They have the classic balloon in a poster and t-shirts with that hot new balloon logo. You can even get the logos in different colors! I think I might be buying some stuff soon...=)

  • I was going to send out more announcements once I put up some more things that are in the pipeline, but kudos to anyone who already found it :)

    I will be publishing a few more products within a "Quotes" line, look for pro-Smalltalk quotes from Alan Kay starting Monday.

    By Boris Popov, at 12:24 PM   

  • COOL! I made my order today. I'll be buying more....=) Smalltalk on!

    By Blaine, at 9:31 PM   

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