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Monday, September 19, 2005

Great Advice

I have to apologize, but I have to pimp "Streamlined Object Modeling" yet again.
Personify Objects
Object model a domain by imagining its entities as active, knowing objects, capable of performing complex actions.
Talk Like an Object
To scope an object's responsibilities, imagine yourself as the object, and adopt the first-person voice when discussing it.
Do It Myself
Objects that are acted upon by others in the real world do the work themselves in the object world.

Live it, be it, model it! Let the design flow!

  • Ahh, my little friend... the design of the small pieces and their chaotic interactions is essential for the system as a whole to have interesting emergent properties.

    We, as well, are much more modest than we think --- just a cog in the machinery. Fortunately, there's the butterfly effect that sensitive cogs can use to prevent authority from forcing your teeth to some particular shape. Same deal.

    By Andres, at 9:52 PM   

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